trust & building relationships

We talk about empathy – being sensitive – terrible pranks as kids – how being vulnerable can lead to better relationships…


“we need to slow down and connect a little bit more.”

Got a minute to talk about vulnerability?

What does it mean to be vulnerable? Is it a weakness or a strength? Colin and Kelly share some personal experiences and wonder how we can all learn to grow through being vulnerable.


“we have not been taught to know ourselves and to be comfortable with ourselves and with our thoughts.”

Negativity Vs. Positivity

Colin and Kelly discuss the natural instinct to give more weight to negative comments than positive ones, and the importance of being deliberate with how you are showing up.


“you can be intentional about your thinking – you can be intentional about your habits.”

Creativity & Growth

We talk about our observations on the creative process, how creativity feeds more creativity, and the importance of practicing. We end the episode reflecting on the power of positivity.

“…100% it’s 90% of what we talk about.”